Data Integration

Data Integration

With the new data sources available, making sense of it all can be a complex and difficult task. At Pro Geo Lab & Analytics, we integrate and present all interpreted data collectively in a format that offers comprehensive solutions to your geological questions.


Hydrocarbon exploration and development often involves many uncertainties. A comprehensive understanding of relationships between key variables can go a long way in determining bypassed pay and development planning. Quantitatively modelling a reservoir’s geometry, porosity, permeability and fluid properties allows us to ultimately characterize the economics of producing the reservoir. Some of the processes to minimize risks and unknowns include:

  • initial look thin-section analysis for rock type and total porosity
  • detailed petrography for developing microfacies and interpreting depositional environments
  • mineral distribution and rock fabric identification
  • depositional modelling and diagenetic history assessments
  • integration of porosity/perm data with rock facies and logs to determine reservoir intervals and establish flow units
  • qualitative and quantitative clay mineral identification and distribution in pore spaces
  • pore geometry and detailed reservoir evaluations
  • detailed core studies for lithofacies, sedimentary features, fossil assemblages and depositional environments
  • final data integration to best qualify reservoir nature


Powerful and predictive sequence stratigraphy provides long distance correlation for assessing source and reservoir rock deposition, play geometry and seal integrity. It identifies new plays and can increase the value of existing ones. Integrating detailed chip and core studies with seismic data, wireline logs, and outcrops, sequence stratigraphy can be used to build:

  • depositional models
  • tectonic history
  • paleogeography
  • facies maps
  • reservoir evaluations

Knowing your reservoir will lead to efficient optimized development and production. Data integration can be the difference between developing a core asset and writing off a fringe property.