The Company

The Company

The industry servicing our geologic community is full of people and organizations that tell you why you have to use them. We don’t believe in “have-to’s”. We encourage every potential client to look at what we have to offer and compare us to the other service providers, and then decide for themselves. We’re confident that you will find through our hard work and honesty, we consistently deliver accurate and dependable results.

At Pro Geo, we come to work every day excited to be a part of your geological solution. Creating your exploration or development project is a time consuming and complex undertaking. What are your targets geologically and fiscally? How do you achieve them? It’s our business to help you reach your goals.

We hold firmly to our core values:

We value collaboration because we believe that information shared makes us more informed and better able to carry out our clients’ vision. We are strong advocates for science, and work diligently to ensure that we continuously provide the necessary tools for success. We don't believe there's anything easy about understanding geology and the difficulties exploring for oil & gas. That’s why we hand pick our exceptionally talented geologists and geo scientists to outperform and give you the information you need.

We believe in doing exceptional work. It’s who we are and who we’ve been since 1978 when we started out as a small, Calgary based geological wellsite company. Since then, we’ve taken our expertise all over the world and created our own geologic Lab & Analytics facility. We continue to strive to provide more for our clients.

You don’t have to settle for good enough… let Pro Geo do what we do best.