2020 GeoConvention

2020 GeoConvention

Here are the answers for Pro Geo’s Notorious Quiz at GeoConvention 2020:

Photo #1:

  1. What is the original name of this iconic structure? Husky Tower (now Calgary Tower)
  2. What year did it open? June 30, 1968

Photo #2:

  1. What is the name of this beloved Calgary resident? Dinny the Dinosaur (also spelt Dini)
  2. How old is it? Built in 1935 (some sources say 1937)

Pro Geo would like to thank everyone for visiting our virtual booth at GeoConvention and participating in the Notorious Quiz. 

First Prize is a pair of Calgary Flames tickets for the upcoming season: Wilf Talbot

Runner-up prize is a pair of stylish "Heel-to-Toe" socks: Courtney Onstad

Congratulations to our winners and see you all again next year (hopefully, in person!)

Sock Prize - Heel to Toe