2019 GeoConvention

2019 GeoConvention

Here are the answers to Pro Geo’s quiz at the 2019 GeoConvention:

1 plain

Hand Sample #1:

  1. Classify this Rock (Metamorphic, Sedimentary or Igneous)?  Metamorphic
  2. Common name for this rock?  Jasper Puddingstone
  3. Formation name for this rock?  Lorraine Formation, Huronian Supergroup
  4. Approximate age of this rock?  Paleoproterozoic

2 plain top 2 plain bottom

Hand Sample #2:

  1. Classify this rock?  Dolostone
  2. Name one accessory mineral and one fossil?  Chert and Crinoids, Thalasinoides (trace) or Skolithos (trace)
  3. Name the formation in Saskatchewan that this rock is from?  Keg River or Winnipegosis
  4. Bonus: How were the holes formed?  Worm tubes modified by dissolution

Pro Geo would like to congratulate the winner, Alex Kunert from the University of Waterloo, for getting 6 out of 8. The runner-ups were Rachel Alyse Nelson with 5.5 and Curtis Ferron with 4.5, both from McMaster University.

The winner of our card draw is Robynn Dicks from Crew Energy.

We would like to extend our thanks to everybody that stopped by our booth and congratulations to both Alex and Robin for winning a pair of Calgary Flames tickets each.  See you all next year!